Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Positive Thinking Books…Robert Anthony goes Beyond Positive Thinking to Get Results

Positive thinking books by Dr. Robert Anthony have helped well over 10 million people from all over the world change their lives and achieve their goals. One of Robert Anthony’s greatest masterpieces is his book, “Beyond Positive Thinking.”

Beyond Positive Thinking…about the book:

You are about to partake on a journey that could profoundly change your life. In this book you will find a no-nonsense, practical way to create anything you desire. Everything you will learn is based on proven psychological and metaphysical techniques and timeless principles for success.

Do these techniques and principles really work? Robert Anthony respects your intelligence too much to simply say they work and expect you to believe it. The only proof that these techniques and principles work is the results you will gain by using them. Nothing is as convincing as using the techniques and seeing your own results.

We have all purchased self-help books, audio programs and taken seminars to improve our performance and change our lives. After completing them, we became highly motivated and even made a few positive changes, only to find that within a few days or a few weeks we were right back to where we were before!

This occurred because they did not show us how to make permanent and lasting changes. The solutions in other positive thinking books are often like putting frosting on a burnt cake. No matter how good the frosting looks, we have to deal with what’s underneath the frosting. The frosting is positive thinking; the cake is our unworkable beliefs that keep us from producing positive results.

Beyond Positive Thinking is a book about producing positive results. It is about taking our ideas and dreams and turning them into realty. If you are looking for an inspirational book with light doses of positive thinking, laced with colorful case histories that take up valuable time and space, this is not the book for you.

However, if you are looking for a no-nonsense methodology that goes BEYOND positive thinking then this book will be of great value to you.

Beyond Positive Thinking is a book containing a proven formula for success that will enable you to produce the results you desire. It will require a commitment on your part; but, in the end, it will be worth every minute you invest in this study.

Robert Anthony feels privileged to have the opportunity to share this information with you. If you are ready to get started on the journey to a whole new life, read Beyond Positive Thinking, by Robert Anthony.

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  1. Dr. Robert Anthony,

    I am a up and coming personal development author and life coach. I am 51 years old and have been into positive thinking and the law of attraction for 10 year now. I read and research all the book by all the greats. I must tell you that your book Beyond Positive Thinking really inspired me.

    Dr. Robert Anthony, I have a personal
    development book club on Face Book call 'The Divine Personal Development Book Club' I started it in the 14 of July and it is growing very fast. We now have about 73 members and its only been a few days. We hope to have a few hundred very soon.

    I am so very happy to have your book Beyond Positive Thinking as the bases and the fist book that we will be reading' ( I posted a few links up to order your book ) I have developed a great personal development system, that I have developed into this book club and empowerment

    We will also be doing bi-weekly group calls so that we all can converse and really get to the core of personal development. I am also writing a personal development book based on the teaching and leanings from this book club.
    I would love to get any ideas of feedback from you if you would like to add anything.

    Dr. I am really writing to you to ask you if you would first, be interested in posting to the book club page; something anything that would encouraging to the readers. And maybe when we are done reading your book, if you could join in on a call with us.

    Maybe you could suggest another book that would help to empower the members. I have your book poster all over Face Book and Tweeter promoting this book club, we call it move Beyond Positive Thinking

    Well I do know that all things are possibleto him that believe, So I am butting a call out to the universe for you to respond and I know you will repond.

    So thank you in advance and I look forward to seeing your posting in "The Divine Personal Development Book

    Club" on Face Book


    Thank you foe you inspiring work and my God bless you.

    Harold Jones